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September 26, 2016

Langley Receives Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Fresh Paint Grant
Article/Photos by Mary Claiborne

The Town of Langley qualified for an Oklahoma Keep Beautiful Fresh Paint Day's Grant,” said Jeanne Norman, who applied for the grant to paint the original Langley Fire Barn/Police Station. We are competing against 52 other projects across the state. A special thanks go to the Members of the First Christian Church of Langley volunteered to paint the building as a community project. Also, Roy Heginbotham, Brenda Hanson and myself painted the park benches on the north side of the City Park.

Fresh Paint Days is a Keep Oklahoma Beautiful project designed to encourage volunteers to seek out unsightly community structures and renovate them with the creative use of resources. Willing volunteers will make use of paint donated by H.I.S. Coatings of Oklahoma City and a stipend for supplies provided by the Public Service Company of Oklahoma to transform that community blemish over a period of a few days with just the application of FRESH PAINT and a lot of elbow grease!

Projects are chosen from across the state where, if qualified, they give a grant, furnishing the paint, as well as $300.00 for supplies. Once the project is finished a picture of before and after are submitted to Oklahoma Keep Beautiful Fresh Paint and they turn that into a national project.

The winner of this year's Best Visual Impact Award will be selected by the public during KOB's "Communities Primed for Change" contest. This social media contest will highlight Fresh Paint Days before & after photos by posting them to KOB's Facebook contest page. The public will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite transformation. The finalists will be named prior to the annual awards banquet, but the winner won't be revealed until that exciting evening at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City.

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As the sun rose, members of the First Christian Church in Langley, Carl Land, Annie Alls, Nan Japhet, Pastor Dan Miller and Dori Miller gathered at the old Langley Police Station, to get the “Oklahoma Keep Beautiful Fresh Paint” project underway.
Marlene McClelland gets started on painting trim at the old Langley Police Station. As the morning wore on more people arrived at the old Langley Police Station to help with the “Oklahoma Keep Beautiful Fresh Paint” project.
Hot and tired, members of the First Christian Church in Langley who had been painting all morning, along with other members of the church, gathered in shade at Langley Park to partake of a potluck dinner - fried chicken and all the trimmings, plus plenty of desserts to choose from.
Brenda Painting Roy painting 

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July 24, 2015

I was visiting my brother in Langley this past weekend. I decided to help him out by mowing his lawn while he was at work. This was Saturday afternoon, pretty hot. I was mowing along when I see a Langley Police Dept. car pull over to my side of the road. The window was down and there was Officer Mitchell with a big smile and a nice cool bottle of water. WOW! I was blown away, he was truly concerned for my well being, and wanted to ensure I was staying hydrated.

I think with all the “undeserved” bad press police departments have been receiving around the country, good stories like this one don’t get put on national news enough….. I just had to let you know that officer Mitchell truly exemplifies, through his actions, the oath to “Protect and Serve”. If I knew how to get this to your area newspaper I would. Please let Officer Mitchell know he made a positive impact on me with this simple act of kindness and that he is an asset to his community!


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